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African Politics
.....Seven blacks put in Smith’s cabinet, WA 5/1/76, 2
.....Rhodesia –Jeremia Chirau & 6 other blacks, WA 5/1/76, 2
.....Prime Minister Ian Smith’s cabinet, WA 5/1/76, 2

Alvin Ailey
.....Ailey still magic, but needs new substance, WA 2/14/76, 14

All Souls Unitarian Church
.....Loncie Malloy went there or started a youth choir there, WA 3/6/76, 12

.....Daniel R. Wynn (native of Jacksonville, FL)
.....Franklin White (Richmond, staff member at Corcoran)
.....Sam Gilliam (from Tupelo, MS)

Ballou High School
.....Randolph Scott, pianist and Ballou senior in recital, WA 5/1/76, 16 (pic)

Black Cast
.....Black “Guys and Dolls” to open at National theatre, WA 5/1/76, 17
.....See: “Guys and Dolls”

Black Collections
.....Composer of black music in collection, WA 7/17/76, 20

.....Negro shows for broadway, PC 12/24/27, FP

Burrows, Abe
.....Supervisor, Black “Guys and Dolls”, WA 5/1/76, 17

Capitol Hill Hospital
.....Name changed from Roger Memorial Hospital, WA 7/17/76, 20

Catholicism (Black)
.....District Catholics honors first African martyrs, WA 6/12/76, 6

Cato, Minto
.....Denies she was ever a pupil of Maeme Moon, PC 2S2

Christian Methodist Episcopal (Church)
.....Lane CME breaks ground, WA 6/5/76, 12

Cole, Florence
.....See: Florence Cole Talbert

Cobb, Dr. W. Montague, WA 2/7/76, mag p2

.....James Hemmenway

.....Maceo Thomas of the talented team of Clinton & Thomas (pic), PC 6/8/29,
.....Clive Thompson, Alvin Ailey dancer, WA 2/17/76, 14 (pic)

Debate Teams
.....Negro debaters face British team, PC 11S1

Double Dutch
.....Double dutch comes south, WA 5/22/43, 11

Drama (Musical)
.....“Hot Chocolates” a new show which is just as hot as its name opened this week. Catchy Andy Razaf tunes PC 6/8/29, 3S2

Fur Trapper (Black)
.....Beckworth – the Black fur trapper, WA 5/15/76, mag p9

Guys and Dolls (all black cast)
.....Agatha in “Guys and Dolls” says she’s glad to be home, WA 5/22/76, 14
.....Black “Guys and Dolls” to open at National theatre, WA 5/1/76, 17
.....Guillaume, star of “Guys and Dolls” amiable, charming, self assured,
WA 5/15/76, 17
.....Guys and Dolls brings gambling, soul-saving and marriage to DC, WA
5/15/76, 16

Harmon Foundation
.....Harmon Foundation makes awards, PC 1/14/28 2S1

Historical Firsts
.....First recognized Black American composer, Scott Joplin, WA 7/17/76, 15
.....Hollywood’s first black director – Gordon Parks
.....Mr. E.B. Henderson, first black physical ed director in a city school
System, WA 5/7/76, 7

.....Ebenezer United Methodist, WA 5/15/76, 15
.....Frederick Douglass Memorial Hospital (Philadelphia), PC 6/8/29, 9S1
.....James Derham (1757-1802) generally recognized as the first black physician in the US, although he didn’t have an MD degree
.....Howard University choir, WA 5/1/76, 9
.....Lincoln University, PC 9S1
.....Quilts designed by Benjamin W. Irvin (The History Quilt Club of
.....Selma University, PC 4S1
.....Simpson-Hamline United Methodist Church, WA 2/7/76, 9 mag

Howard University
.....Choir history article, WA 5/1/76, 9

.....WA 2/7/76, 4; WA 5/15/76, 4

Insurance (Companies)
.....Los Angeles has Negro auto insurance company (Ward/Graham)PC 6/22/29, FP

.....Courier representative interviews William Lawrence, noted pianist PC 4/2/27, A7
.....J.A. Rogers interviews greatest Negro tenor, PC 1S2

.....Freddy Crawford (bongo/conga set), has a patent, WA 2/7/76, 9 mag
.....Heartbroken inventor, WA 5/15/76, mag, p8
.....Negro inventor designs new diner, PC 12/10/27, 10 (Robert L. Parker,Oakland, Ca.)
.....Robert F. Fleming, Jr. (Guitar: March 3, 1886. patent)

Lapido, Duro (Nigerian composer)
.....The king did not hang, WA 5/29/76, 16 (pic)

Lawrence, William (pianist)
.....Courier representative interviews William Lawrence, noted pianist PC 4/2/27, A7

LeDroit Park
.....Put on the national register in 1974

Library (District of Columbia Public)
.....Opening of booth at Nannie Helen Burroughs and Minnesota, 7/17/76, 11

Malloy, Loncie, WA 3/6/76, 12 (pic)
.....Studied under Todd Duncan, recorded her own compositions

.....Baltimore zoo, third oldest in the country, WA 5/15/76, mag

Modern School of music
.....Advertisement, 5/15/76, 3

Music Projects
.....See: Traditional Music Documentation Project

Music Schools
.....See: Modern School of Music

Name Change
.....Capitol Hill Hospital was once named Roger Memorial, WA 7/17/76, 20

National Register
.....LeDroit Park was put on the national register in 1974

Negro Spirituals
.....“The Deeper Meaning of Some Negro Spirituals” (Howard Thurman)PC 6/15/29, 5S1

.....Haitian orchestra makes DC debut (Holy Trinity Philharmonic – Port-au-Prince. Founded in 1964), WA 8/28/76, 15
.....Sis. Anne Marie started the orchestra (

.....Randolph Scott, pianist and Ballou senior in recital, WA 5/1/76, 16 (pic)
.....Ruth Norman (Ruth Norman Bostic), pic, WA 9/4/76

.....Colored play written by Mr. J.W. Jackson of Chicago called “Happy” PC 6/8/29, 3S2

Queen Elizabeth II
.....Visits Mayor Walter Washington, WA 7/17/76, 3

.....(Gordon) Parks battles for distribution advertising of “Leadbelly”
WA 4/27/76, 16
.....Racial equality in America: the dream deferred, WA 5/15/76, 21;WA 5/29/76, 6
.....Train white teachers to understand race problems, PC 6/15/29, 9S1

.....Double dutch comes South, WA 5/22/76, 11

.....Demolition blocked: Struggle around Dunbar High School continues,
WA 6/26/76, FP

.....Students discuss sexuality at Pentecostal conference, WA 2/7/76, 6

Simpson-Hamline United Methodist Church, WA 2/7/76, 9 Dawn magazine

.....Britian to free 300,000 slaves on New Year’s Day, PC 3S1

.....Howard Theatre on auction block, WA 8/14/76

Thompson, Clive
.....Alvin Ailey dancer, WA 2/14/76, 14 (pic)

Traditional Music Documentation Project
.....Curt Wittig, Director

Underground Railroad
.....Underground tunnel room at Orchard Street Church(Baltimore),WA 8/7/76, 12

Walters, Dr. Ron, WA 8/28/76, FP

Washington, Mayor Walter (1st elected since 1874)

Williams, John (white)
.....Composed “Air and Simple Gifts” for President Barack Obama’s inauguration
.....Composer for Jaws now scores “The Deep” WA 7/24/76, 15

Wittig, Curt
.....Director of the Traditional Music

Yette, Samuel (Author)


PC – Pittsburgh Courier
WA- Washington Afro American


St. Charles Lwanga and Companions

Rex Nettleford (Jamaican Rhodes Scholar

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