Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How to Search

I have literally dumped so much information into this blog over the years until it's best to search the blog using the steps below. (This method as opposed to scrolling down to find a desirable topic). Because I am still adding to this blog (as of July, 2009), I've decided to try and combine all information -or most of it- from other blogs, and to put that information into this one. I won't be too careful to classify information, because keywords can be easily picked up using the search steps below).

So, my point is, if you are interested in a person, topic, subject, publisher, etc (mostly, although not totally music ---because this is a place for me to dump information that I run across and don't want to lose it forever!), then, type the term in the search field. For example, to find information about "Ethyl Wise", type either "Ethyl Wise", "Wise, Ethyl", "Wise" or "Ethyl" in the search field Then continue steps two through four.

If anyone has any other verifiable information about black music history, please send it to me by emailing me. While I won't include anything that anyone recommends, I'd like to know about anything that anyone wishes to share with me.


1. Type name, term, or keyword (one word or all of them) in the upper left hand box (next to the orange symbol).

2. Press "enter"

3. Press CONTROL and F to get another search box.

4. Repeat step one in the new search box and press enter

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