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Black Enterprise

These are listings of African American owned and/or operated enterprises.

.....Mashood Olabisi Ajala of Nigeria, who was an American actor-student was deported from the US because of forgery, pauses with his new American born wife, Herminie, following their London marriage.

.....Douglass National, largest negro bank! (Chicago). Pitts C, 7/27/29 (2/2)
.....Henry Allen Boyd, secretary of the National Baptist Publishing Board and president of the Citizens Savings Band and Trust Company, the oldest Negro bank in the country. Pitts C, 8/17/29 (2/1)
.....Binga State Bank, Chicago. Pitts C, 8/10/29 (11/1)
.....St. Luke's Savings Bank/Trust, Maggie L. Walker, Pres, Pitts C, 8/10/29 (11/1)
.....Metropolitan Bank and Trust Comp., Norfolk, Pitts C, 8/10/29 (11/1)
.....Banker who believes in investing in one's community R.L. McDougald (Mechanics and Farmers Bank, NC). Pitts C, 11/9/29 (2/2)

.....Mr. Jesse Binga, Pres, Pitts C, 8/10/29 (11/1)

.....President, Citizens Savings Bank and Trust Company (Nashville), Pitts C, 8/10/29 (11/1)

.....The Largest Protestant Church in America, Olivet Baptist (Chicago), Pitts C, 7/27/29 (6/2)

.....Broadmore Laundry, Dyeing and Cleaning Comp. (New Orleans). Pitts C, 7/27/29 (5/1)

.....Formed 7/31/28 by the National Negro Business League: ten store owners charter members., Pitts C, 8/10/29 (ed page)
.....Co-operative economic enterprise is our only salvation, says the Pitts C. Pitts C, 8/10/29 (edit page)

.....Estelle Bonds, secretary. Chi Def 1/21/28, 5

.....Golden Brown Laboratories, Durham, NC. Pitts C, 11/23/29 (4/2). Picture of Ellis D. Jones

.....Washington Druggist Sued for Divorce. The wife of Dr. Howard R. Sewell, Washington DC drug store owner, filed suit for divorce from her husband of 11 years, charging cruelty. Jet, 12/17/53, p15

.....Former chauffeur, negro William Harris, Pitts C, 11/16/29 (2/1)

.....Chauffeur to famous Gillete razor millionaire, Pitts C, 11/16/29 (2/1)

.....A private hospital in harlem establish by Dr. Vincent, Pitts C, 11/5/29 (3/2)
.....New hospital at Prairie View donated by Rockerfeller Foundation to open soon, Pitts C, 11/16/29 (2/1)

.....Vincennes Hotel ranks as the largest/finest owned by Elizabeth Barnette-Lewis since 1919 (Chicago), Pitts C, 7/27/29 (11/1)

.....Brick Jr. College (NC), Pitts C, 11/2/29 (2/20)
.....Merger of N'Orleans U and Flint-Goodridge hospital and Nurse training school, two methodist institutions, with straight college, a congregational school., Pitts C, 11/16/29 (2/1)

.....Cosmetic Manufacturer, Ellis D. Jones. Golden Brown Laboratories. (North Carolina). Pitts C, 11/23/29 (4/2), Picture
.....That negroes are showing ability to operate manufacturing enterprises is clearly shown in the case of E.K. Welters, who operates and maintains a plant in Jacksonville, FL., Pitts C, 5/29/26 Editorial Page

.....William M. Rich, Pres, Pitts C, 8/10/29 (11/1)

.....Ferrell Symphony Orchestra, Chi Def 1/21/28, p5
.....Estelle C. Bonds, secretary of the Coleridge-Taylor School of Music., Chi Def, 1/21/28, p5
.....Fisk Jubilee Singers first received recognition as a trained group. Chi Def, 12/17/38,17

.....Musicians organize National Association, Chi Def, 8/9/1919, 15
.....Second convention in New York, Chic Def, 8/9/1919, 15

.....Pitts C, 8/10/29 (11/1)


.....West Coast's Oldest negro newspaper May Fold. Jet 11/12/53, p32
California Eagle. 73 years olds. the oldest in the west.

.....Ferrell Symphony Orchestra, Chi Def, 1/21/28, p5
.....The only Negro symphy in the world is about to launch a season of classical music in Chicago, Amst News 1/18/28, p20
.....Orchestra has over fifty musicians trained under teachers who are members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Amst News, 1/18/28, p20

.....Established by Miller/Lyles. Arguably the first theater develoted exclusively to the black race. Pitts C, 5/22/26, p10

.....W.L.Weems who owns and operates the Weems Photo Studio at 327 Broad Street, Jacksonville, FL. Grad of Tuskegee School of Phography under the late C.M. Battey, has worked in the best white studios in the south. Worked in Atlanta where he was staff photographer for the Atlanta Constitution. Studio in Jacksonville, which has been open for two years, is valued at $2500. Pitts C, 12/7/29 (2/1). Photo

.....Piney Woods School in Simpson County (Jackson, MS), established for delinquent negro boys and girls. Pitts C, 11/16/29 (9/1)
.....Washington Conservatory of Music. The main event of the day was a discussion of music in two negro schools here, by Josephine Muse and Amy grant, revealing the progress made in the interesting steps from early days to the present. Miss Muse told of the start of the Washington Conservatory of Music and School of Expression by Harriet Gibbs Marshall, at 9th and T Streeets, NW. The original idea was the founding of a National Music Center, but it never materialized. There were no funds to carry on and it settled down to being a Conservatory here in 1903, and is operated from the student tuition only. It's objective at present is a preparatory schoo. The national negro Opera Comp, also came under discussion.

Miss grant next took the floor to give an account of work at Howard University with its faculty of 22 music teachers and Dean Warner Lawson's desire for 200 students. This year, 150 are enrolled. Their hope is for a new building. At present, Miss Grant and Miss Burge are the 2 voice teachers with only one assistant. She outlined the work of the 2 classes, A4 and B4 and then expanded on the problem with students: that the mediocre were more ambitious and desired a career working much more earnestly than the naturally gifted singers. (This is an excerpt taken form p24 of the Bulletin of the National Association of Teachers of Singers, Nov 1955.

.....Maggie L. Walker, pres. Pitts C, 8/10/29 (11/1)

....38th Annual meeting of the West Virginia Teacher's Association met in Bluefield, WVa., Pitts C, 11/16/29 (10/1)
.....Board of Education, West Virginia State BOE, Pitts Courier, 7/7/34 (9/2)

.....Negro (Geore Sorlie) who wons chain of 40 theaters in Australia feted in Los Angeles, Pitts C, 12/22/34 (8/2)
.....Battle for patronage between Harlem Opera House and Apollo doors near, Pitts C, 12/22/34 (8/2)
.....Cleveland's "Karamu Theater" gave us the famed "gilpin Players" and helped author Langston Hughes and atresses Isabelle Cooley and Mildred Smith on the road to success. Dorothy Dandridge was born in Cleveland. Jet, 11/25/54, p13
.....Florida gets another colored movie house. (Sarasota, Fla)
.....Miller/Lyles hope for theatre devoted to negro. Pitts C, 5/22/26, 10
.....Miller/Lyles established the Pekin theater in Chicago soon after their graduation from Fisk in 1904. They say that this theater was the first theater devoted exclusively to their race in the country. Pitts C, 5/22/26, 10
.....New Harlem Theater War centers on 125th Street. (between the Apollo and the Harlem Opera House). Pitts C, 12/22/34 (8/2)
.....Weatlhy Negro who owns chain of 40 theaters in Australia. Pitts C, 12/15/34 (8/2)
.....The Alpha Theater is the only movie house for Negroes in Waco Texas. Jet, 12/27/51, p16

.....Little Mound Bayou's 42nd B'day emphasizes the efficiency of black rule, Pitts C, 8/3/29, Feature section.(
.....Town found by Isaiah T. Montgomery. He states: "In the fall of 1886, my attention was attracted to the Great Yazoo (Miss. Delta). After investigating that section closely, I opened a colony which now numbers about six hundred persons, and laid out the growing little town of Mound Bayou on the L. N. O. and T. R. R., in Bolivar County where I now conduct a business of $30, 000.00 per annum inclusive of cotton shipments which amount to 250 bales, crop 1890. My real estate interests are worth about $20,000.00. The colored people in the vicinity own 5, 000 acres and are increasing their holdings rapidly."

Source of above quote:

Photo: Isaiah T. Montgomery

.....Boley (Oklahoma). Pitts C, 7/14/34 (9/2)
.....Boley, OK, unique all negro Town to celebrate thirtieth anniversary. Founding of America's first all colored community, founded 9/22/04. PItts C, 7/14/34, (9/2)
.....Little Mound Bayou. Only town in US where the jail was abolished. Pitts C, 8/3/29 (8/2)
....Mayor says whites not wanted in negro town. Mound Bayou. Jet, 12/17/53, p5
Mayor B.A. Green of MB, Miss tourned down a suggestion that white persons be invited to live in the all Negro town and pointed out, "we're satisfied just as we are: and we can't see where the town and its citizens would benefit in any way from integration. Dr. E. J. Stringer, president of the Mississippi NAACP, had suggested that Mound Bayou welcome whites.

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