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Negro Spirituals Index

Source: "Down by the Riverside" (from the painting by Malvin Gray Johnson).

Information about Malvin Johnson is posed under "Visual Artists and Artistry" on this blog.


The following is list of alphabetically arranged titles. The codes, which are next to the titles, are designed to link the song title with its appropriate collection (listed at the end of the song titles) for ease in finding the appropriate songbook that contains a title of interest. For lyrics, consult or email me.

Some pieces would not be considered spirituals. They are listed because they were part of a collection of songs in a songbook.


Adam in de garden pinnin' leaves [BDW]
A little talk wid Jesus makes it right [BANS,i]
A listening all the night long [SB]
Aint dat good news [BDW]
Aint gon' er tarry here [BDW]
Ain't gonna grieve my Lord no more [WAN]
Ain’t goin’t study war no more [WG]
Ain't got long to stay heah [JMS]
Ain't got weary yet [EB16]
Ain't gwine study war no mo' [FHu]
Ain't I glad I've got out the wilderness [NJM]
Ain't it a shame [FH], [HS,i: Same as "FS"]
Ain't that good news [AACS], [EB16], [NJM], [WFS], [WNS]
Ain't you glad? [EB]
All-er ma sins are taken away [BDW]
All God's chillun got wings [BANS,ii], [JJ]
All I do the church keep a-grumblin' [BANS,ii]
All I do the people keep a-grumbling
All night, all day [ANAD]
All ober dis worl' [BDW]
All o' my sins [EB]
All of our sins are taken away [SB]
Almost over [SS51]
Angel dun change-er ma name [BDW]
Angel Gabriel [WG]
Angels watchin' over me [JJ]
Archangel, open the door [SS51]
Are you ready? [BDW]
Arkangel [BDW]
Aurore Bradaire [SS51]
Balm in Gilead [ND1]
Balm in Gilead [EB]
Balm in Gilead [FH]
Balm in Gilead [WG]
Baptizin' [BDW]
Be calm Jordan [BNS]
Been wash in de blood ob de Lamb [BDW]
Be ready when He comes [SB]
Before this time [WG]
Behold that star [ANAD]
Behold the star [AACS]
Bell da ring [SS51]
Been a-list'nin' [FNS]
Black history rondo (speech activity) [SS]
Blessed are the poor in spirit [EB], arr. Dr. A.M. Townsend
Blind man stood on the way and cried [WG]
Blow your trumpet, Gabriel [SS51]
Boun' fer Canaan Lan' [BDW]
Bound for the promised land [WG]
Bound to go [SS51]
Brother, guide me home [SS51]
Brother Moses gone [SS51]
Build a house in Paradise [SS51]
Build right on that shore [EB], arr. Mrs. J. Pearl Reese
By an' by [FNS]
Bye an' bye [BANS,i], [FH]
By and by [EB16], [WG]
Calinda [SS51]
Calvary [AACS], [BANS,i]
Can I ride? [EB]
Can’t you live humble? [BANS,ii], [WG]
Caroline [SS51]
Cert'ny Lord [FH]
Certainly, Lord [EB]
Charleston gals [SS51]
Chatter with the angels [ANAD]
Children do linger [SS51]
Children, don't get weary [EB]
Chilly water [BANS,ii], [FNS], [WG]
Church is moving on [EB], arr. W.H. Sherwood
City called Heaven [AACS], [EB16]
Climbing Jacob's ladder [SB]
Climbin' up de mountain [FH]
Come an' go wit' me [BDW]
Come here, Lord! [BANS,ii]
Come along, Moses [SS51]
Come go with me [SS51]
Come unto Me [MAG]
Comin' down de line [BDW]
Couldn't hear nobody pray [EB], [NFS,ii]
Cross-er me over [BDW]
Crucifixion [BANS,i], [EB], [EB16]
Cruel Jews [BDW]
Daniel saw the stone [BANS,ii], [ND1]
Daniel's in de lion's den [BDW]
Dat same train [BDW]
Dawn of the kingdom of God [SB]
Day of judgement, The [SS51]
De angels roll de stone away [BANS,ii]
De angels in Heav'n gwineter write [BANS,ii]
Death goin' t' lay his col' icy han' on me [BDW]
De band o' Gideon [BANS,i]
De bell dun ring [BDW]
De blin' man stood on de road an' cried [BANS,i], [FHu]
De Egyp' lan' [FNS]
De gif' ob Gowd is eternal life [BDW]
De gospel train [GNS]
De Lawd's laid His Han's on me [FNS]
De ol' ark's a-moverin' an' I'm goin' home [BANS,ii], [JJ]
De ol' sheep done know de road [BANS,ii]
De ten virgins [FNS]
De wings ob a dove [FNS]
Death come to my house he didn't stay long [BANS,ii]
Death's gwineter lay his cold icy hands on me (Rare Version) [BANS,ii]
Deep down in my heart [EB], arr. E.C. Deas
Deep river [BANS,i], [CNS],[FNS], [GS], [ND1], [SS]
Deep river [EB], arr. Mrs. Willa A. Townsend
Den I'm goin' home [FNS]
Den my little soul's gwine to shine [FNS]
Dere's a han' writin' on de wall [BANS,ii]
Dere's a meetin' heah tonight [FNS]
Dere's a mighty war in de Hebben [BDW]
Dere's no hidin' place down dere [BANS,i], [FHu]
Dese all-er ma Father's chillun [BDW]
Didn't my Lord deliver Daniel? [BANS,i], [GS]
Didn't old Pharoah get los'? [BANS,i]
Die in de fiel' [BANS,i]
Do don't touch-a my garmen, good Lord, I'm gwine home [BANS,ii]
Do, Lord, remember me [EB], arr. Dr. A.M. Townsend
Do Lord remember me [BDW], [MAG]
Done found de way at las' [BDW]
Don't you grive after me [BDW]
Do you call dat religion [JJ]
Do you think I'll make a sojer [FNS]
Done foun' my los' sheep [BANS,i], [FNS]
Done made my vow [AACS], [EB16]
Done with sin and sorrow [EB], arr. Mrs. Willa A. Townsend. Jubilee Singers, 1874 (inscribed on selection. May text may be from Jubilee Singers)
Don't be weary, traveller [SS51]
Don't call the roll, John [ND1]
Don't let it be said, too late [EB], arr. E.C. Deas
Don't let nobody turn yer roun' [OM]
Don’t you let nobody turn you roun’ [WG]
Don't you want to be a lover of the Lord [JJ]
Don't you wish you were in Hebben? [BDW]
Down by de ribbeh side [FNS]
Down by de riverside [JJ]
Down by the riverside [EB]
Down in the valley to pray [SB]
Dry bones [FH]
Dry bones goin' t' rise ag'in [BDW]
Early in the morning [SS51]
Ev'ry time I feel de Spirit [BANS,i],[FHu]
Ev'ry time I feel the Spirit [CNS], [GS], [SS]
Every hour in the day [SS51]
Every time I feel the Spirit [SB], [WG]
Everytime I feel the spirit [EB]
Ezekiel [JJ]
Ezekiel's wheel [MAG]
Fare ye well [SS51]
Father Abraham [BANS,i], [BDW]
Final liberty bell [SB]
Follow the drinkin' gourd [SS]
Four and twenty elders [EB]
Free at las' [BDW]
Free at last [SB], [SS]
Free grace and chariots are coming [SB]
Get on board [ANAD], [SS]
Get on board little children [SB]
Get right with God [EB], arr. Mrs. Willa A. Townsend
Gimme dat ol' time religion [BANS,i], [FHu]
Gimme yo' han' [BANS,ii]
Git on board, little chillen [BANS,i], [S&S]
Git on board, little children [GS]
Git on de boat little chillun [BDW]
Git yo' ticket [MAG]
Give-er me Jesus [BDW]
Give me Jesus [BANS,i]
Give me that old time religion [GS]
Give me your hand [EB], [ND1]
Give up the world [SS51]
Glory an' honor [BDW]
Go down, Moses [BANS,i], [CNS], [EB], [FNS], GS], [ND1], [NFS,ii], [SS]
Goin' away to see-er ma Lord [BDW]
Go in the wilderness [SS51]
o, Mary, an' toll de bell [FNS]
Go ring dem bells [FNS]
Go tell it on the mountain [AACS], [EB16], [ND1]
God got plenty o' room [SS51]
God's a-gwine ter move all de troubles away [NFS]
God's going to set this world on fire [EB]
God's a-gwineter trouble de water [BANS,ii]
Goin' to should all over Heav'n [CNS]
Going to ride up in the chariot [WG]
Gold band, The [SS51]
Golden altar, The [SS51]
Good-bye [SS51]
Good-bye, brother [SS51]
Good Lord dun been here [BDW]
Good news [EB]
Good news! [SS]
Good news! Chariot comin' [JJ]
Good news, chariot's comin'! [NFS,ii]
Good news, member [SS51]
Good old way, The [SS51]
Gospel train [WG]
Got the whole world in His hands [SB]
Graveyard, The [SS51]
Great big stars [ANAD]
Great camp meetin' [OM]
Great camp meeting [EB], arr. E.C. Deas
Great day [BANS,ii]
Great day [EB], arr. Work brothers
Gwine follow [SS51]
Gwine to hold out to the end [FNS]
Gwine up (Madrigal I&II) [SM]
Gwineter ride up in de chariot doon-a in de mornin' [BANS,ii]
Hail joh's army ben' down an die [BDW]
Hail, Mary [SS51]
Hallelu, hallelu [SS51]
Hallelujah! [BANS,i]
Hand me down [JJ]
Hand me down my silver trumpet Lord [SB]
Happy morning [SS51]
Hard trials [CNS]
Healing water [WG]
He arose [EB], arr. Willa A. Townsend
He arose [AACS]
He arose from the dead [SB]
Heab'n [FNS]
Heave away [SS51]
Heaven bell a-ring [SS51]
Heaven bells, The [SS51]
Heav'n boun' soldier [BANS,i]
Heav’n, Heav’n (I’ve got a robe) [GS], [WG]
Heaven is a beautiful place [MAG]
He never said a mumblin' word [FNS]
He's got his eyes on me [EB], arr. Mrs. J. Pearl Reese
He's got the whole world in His hand [EB], [SS]
He's got the wold world in His hands [ANAD]
He's jus' de same today [BANS,i]
He's the Lily of the valley [MAG]
Hide-a , me [MAG]
Hol' de win' don't let it blow [BANS,ii]
Hold on [AACS]
Hold out to the end [SS51]
Hold out yo' light [FNS]
Hold your light [SS51]
How did you feel [EB]
Humble yo'self [JJ]
Humble yo'self de bell done ring [BANS,ii]
Hunting for a city [SS51]
Hunting for the Lord [SS51]
Hush, hush [JJ]
Hush! Hush! [AACS], [EB]
Hypocrite and the concubine, The [SS51]
I ain't a gwine a grieve my Lord [FHu]
I am bound for the promised land [EB], arr. Dr. A.M. Townsend
I an' satan had a race [SS51]
I believe I'll go back home [MAG]
I can't stand the fire [SS51]
I can't stay away [EB] arr, Mrs. Willa A. Townsend
I can't stay behind [SS51]
I could hear nobody pray [SB]
I couldn't hear nobody pray [BANS,i], [FNS], [JJ]
I done done what ya'tol' me to do [BANS,i]
I don't feel now ways tired [AACS], [CNS], [EB]
I don't feel weary [SS51]
I feel like my time ain't long [BANS,ii]
If I have mah tickit Lawd [MAG]
I found Jesus over in Zion [MAG]
I got a hidin' place [MAG]
I got a home in-a dat rock [BANS,i]
I got a key to the kingdom [MAG]
I got a mother in de heavenly lan' [OM]
I got mah swoad in mah han' [MAG]
I got shoes! [SS]
I hear from Heaven today [SS51]
I heard de preachin' of de word of God [BANS, ii]
I hope my mother will be there [ND1]
I know de Lord has laid His han's on me [JJ]
I know the Lord [AACS], [EB], [EB16]
I know the Lord's laid His hands on me [BANS,ii], [ND1]
If I be lifted up from the earth [SB]
I I had the wings of the morning [BNS]
I know my heart's in heaven [SB]
I know the Lord has laid His hands on me [SB]
I'll be sleepin' in mah grave [MAG]
I'll never turn back -oh no [SB]
I'm a rollin' [BANS,i]
I’m a rolling [CNS], [WG]
I'm a soldier [EB]
I'm a solger in de army ob de Lord [BDW]
I'm a trouble in de mind [SS51]
I'm a-going to eat at the welcome table [ANAD]
I'm a-rollin' [FNS]
I'm an everyday witness [MAG]
I mean to lift up a standard for my King [MAG]
I'm goin' to meet my mother [JJ]
I'm going home [SS51]
I'm gonna sing [ANAD]
I'm gwine to Alabamy [SS51]
I'm gwine up to Heab'n anyhow [BANS,ii]
I'm in trouble [SS51]
I'm in your care [EB], Music Mrs. Valera Brass. Arr. Dr. A.M. Townsend
I'm runnin' on [MAG]
I'm so glad [EB]
I'm troubled in mind [BANS,i]
I'm troubled in mind (Madrigal VI) [S&S]
I'm troubled, Lord [JJ]
In-a my heart [FNS]
In bright mansions above [EB], arr. Dr. A.M. Townsend, [SB]
In my father's house [EB]
In dat great gittin' up mornin' [BANS,ii]
In de Lord, my soul's been anchored in de Lord (Madrigal III)[SM]
In that bright, shining world [WG]
In the army of the Lord [MAG]
In the mansions above [SS51]
In the river of Jordan [EB, arr. Dr. A.M. Townsend
In this field [MAG]
I saw the beam in my sister's eye
I shall not be moved [EB]
I stood on the river of Jordan [ANAD]
I stood outside the gate [MAG]
It looks like the promised land [SB]
It may be de las' time [MAG]
I thank God I'm free at last [BANS,ii]
It’s a- me, O Lord (Standing in need of prayer) [WG]
It's me [EB], arr. Dr. A.M. Townsend
It's me [FNS]
It's me, O Lord [BANS,i],[CNS], [JJ]
It's me, O Lord (Madrigal VII) [S&S]
I've been buked [AACS], [SS]
I've got a robe [EB]
I've done what you told me to do [ND1]
I’ve got a robe (Heav’n, Heav’n) [WG]
I want God's Heab'n to be mine [BANS,ii]
I wanta live so God can use me [MAG]
I want to be ready [CNS],[ND1], [SB]
I want to be ready (Walk in Jerusalem) [WG]
I want to die easy when I die [BANS,ii]
I want to die like-a Lazarus die [SS51]
I want to go a-home [FHu]
I want to go home [SS51]
I want to join the band [SS51]
I want to live so God can use me [SB]
I wish I had been dere [SS51]
Jacob's ladder [SS51]
Jehovah, hallelujah [SS51]
Jesus is a Rock in a weary land [EB], arr. Wm. Henry Smith
Jesus on the waterside [SS51]
Jesus, the Water of life [SB]
Jesus walked [OM]
Jesus, won't you come by-and-bye? [SS51]
Jine 'em [SS51]
John Brown's body (Glory hallelujah) [S&S]
John done saw dat numbuh [MAG]
John, John of the Holy Order [SS51]
John saw de angels [OM]
John saw the Holy number [BANS,i]
Join the angel band [SS51]
Jordan's mills [SS51]
Joshua [AACS]
Joshua fit de Battle [FH]
Joshua fit de battle ob Jerico [BANS,i]
Joshua fit de Battle of Jerico [FHu], [S&S]
Joshua fought the battle of Jericho [SB]
Jubalee [BANS,ii], [JJ]
Jubilee (Swing low, sweet chariot) [EB], arr. E.C. Deas
Just now [SS51]
Keep a-inchin' along [BANS,i]
Keep me from sinking down [BANS,i], [FNS], [ND1]
King Emmanuel [SS51]
King of Kings [AACS]
Kum bah yah! [S&S]
Lawd I want two wings [MAG]
Lay this body down [SS51]
Lean on the Lord's side [SS51]
Leanin' on de Lord [JJ]
Let God's saints come in [SS51]
Let Jesus lead you [SB]
Let me ride [EB]
Let my people go [SB]
Let us break bread [AACS]
Let's celebrate black history [SS]
Let the church roll on [MAG]
Let the words [EB]
Let us cheer the weary traveler [WG]
Life of Frederick Douglass (Choral speech) [SS]
Lift ev'ry voice and sing [SS]
Li'l David [FNS]
Lily ob de valley [FNS]
Lis'en to de lam's [BANS,i]
Listen to de lambs [FNS], [NFS,i]
Little black train is a comin' [MAG]
Little children, then won't you be glad? [SS51]
Little David [BDW], [EG], [JJ]
Lit'le David, play on yo' harp [BANS,i]
Little David, play on yo' harp [FHu]
Little David play on your harp [SB]
Little talk with Jesus [EB]
Little wheel a-turnin- in my heart [FNS]
Listen to the lambs [EB], [GS]
Look-a how dey done my Lord [BANS,ii]
Look away into heaven [EB], arr. Lucie E. Campbell
Lord have mercy [BNS]
Lord, I done what You tol' me to do [JJ]
Lord, I want to be a Christian [EB], [ND1]
Lord, I want to be a Christian in-a my heart [BANS,ii]
Lord, I want to be like Jesus [SB]
Lolotte [SS51]
Lonesome valley, THe [SS51]
Lord, make me more patient [SS51]
Lord, remember me [SS51]
Lost sheep [AACS]
Love never fails [SB]
Mom's lil Boy [FH]
Many thousand gone [ND1], [SS51]
March on [FNS]
Mary and Martha [EG], [ND1]
Mary and Martha jes' gone 'long [BANS,ii]
Mary an' Martha jes' gone 'long (Madrigal IV) [S&S]
Mary had a baby, yes, Lord [BANS,ii]
Mary wept and Martha moaned [MAG]
Meet, O Lord [SS51]
Meeting here to-night, There's a [SS51]
Members, don't git weary [BANS,ii]
Michael row the boat ashore [SS51]
Mos' done toilin' here [BANS,ii]
Move up the King's highway [EB], arr. E.C. Deas
Musion Bainjo [SS51]
My army cross over [SS51]
My Bonnie is over the ocean [S&S]
My body rock 'long fever [SS51]
My brother, I do wonder [ND1]
My Father, how long? [SS51]
My God delivered Daniel [SB]
My God He is a Man of war [MAG]
My God is so high [AACS]
My good Lord have been here [OM]
My good Lord's been here [EB]
My Lord delivered Daniel [WG]
My Lawd's a-ridin' all de time [FNS]
My Lord's a-writin' all de time [BANS,i]
My Lord's goin' to move dis wicked race [JJ]
My Lord says He's gwineter rain down fire [BANS,ii]
My Lord, what a mornin' [BANS,i], [FHu]
My Lord, what a mourning! [EB], [SS]
My Lord's writing all the time [EB], arr. Mrs. Willa A. Townsend
My ship is on de ocean [BANS,ii]
My soul's been anchored in de Lord [BANS,ii]
My time is come [AACS]
My way's cloudy [BANS,i], [CNS], [ND1]
New Born [AACS]
New hiding-place [EB], arr. Mrs. Willa A. Townsend
Never said a mumblin' word [OM]
No condemnation in my soul [MAG]
No hiding place [EB], arr. Mrs. Willa A. Townsend
No man can hinder me [SS51]
No more rain fall for wet you [SS51]
Noah’s ark (One wide river to cross) [WG]
Noah built the ark [SB]
Nobody knows [EB], arr. Mrs. Willa A. Townsend
Nobody knows the trouble [BNS]
Nobody knows de trouble I see [BANS,ii],[FHu], [JJ]
Nobody knows de trouble I see (rare version) [BANS,i]
Nobody knows de trouble I've seen [FNS]
Nobody knows the trouble I see [CNS], [SB]
Nobody knows the trouble I've had [SS51]
Nobody knows the trouble I've seen [GS], [ND1], [SS]
None but the righteous [EB], arr. Dr. A.M. Townsend
Not weary yet [SS51]
Now is the needy time [EB]
Now let me fly [ANAD], [JJ], [SS]
Now we are the sons of God [SB]
O brothers, don't get weary [SS51]
O Daniel [SS51]
O ev'ry time I feel de Spirit [NFS,i]
O, gambler, git up off o' yo' knees [BANS,i]
O'er the crossing [SS51]
Oh death-oh death [SB]
Oh, freedom! [EB], arr. Mrs. Willa A. Townsend
Oh, hear me prayin' [BANS,ii]
Oh let the people sing [SB]
Oh Mary, don't you weep [SB]
Oh Mary--Oh Martha [MAG]
Oh, my good Lord, show me de way [BANS,ii]
Oh, Peter, go ring dem bells [CNS], [GS]
Oh sinner [MAG]
Oh, what a beautiful city [AACS]
Oh when the Saints go marchin' in [S&S]
Oh, won't you sit down? [SS]
Oh wretched man [BNS]
Oh, yes! Oh, yes! wait 'til I git on my robe [BANS,ii]
Oh, yes! Oh, yes! [ENS,i]
O, I got a light [ND3]
Old Black Joe [FH]
Old ship of zion, The [SS51]
Old-time religion [EB]
Old-time religion [WG]
O Lord, abide with me [EB]. w/m Mrs. Georgia Hall. Arr. Mrs. W.A. Townsend
O Mary [FH]
O, Mary don't you weep [FHu]
O, Mary, don't you weep [JJ]
O Mary, don’t you weep [WG]
O, my good Lord [JJ]
O my Lord, what shall I do? [EB], arr. E.C. Deas
On calvary [EB], arr. Mrs. Willa A. Townsend
On my journey [AACS]
On to glory [SS51]
One wide river to cross (Noah’s ark) [WG]
Open the window, Noah [ANAD]
O redeem'd [FNS]
O ride on, Jesus [NFS,ii]
O, rocks don't fall on me [BANS,i]
O shout away [SS51]
O, wasn't that a mighty day [JJ]
O, wasn't dat a wide river? [BANS,i]
O when the saints go marching in [ANAD]
O won't you sit down [ANAD]
People in slavery, A (choral speech) [SS]
Peter, go ring the bells [ANAD]
Peter on the sea [FNS]
Peter on the seas [JJ]
Plenty good room [EB16]
Po' lil Jesus [FNS], [S&S]
Po li'l Lam' [FH]
Poor mourner's got a home [ND1]
Po mourner's got a home at las' (Madrigal IV) [S&S]
Poor Rosy [SS51]
Praise King jesus [SB]
Praise, member [SS51]
Pray all de member [SS51]
Pray on [SS51]
Prepare me a body [AACS]
Rain fall and wet Becca Lawton [SS51]
Religion so sweet [SS51]
Remon [SS51]
Resurrection morn, The [SS51]
Ride on King Jesus [EB16]
Ride up in de chariot [FNS]
Rise an' shine [FNS]
Rise, mourner [WG]
Rise, mourner, rise [OM]
Rise and shine [AACS], [EB16], [ND1]
Rise, shine [JJ]
Rise, shine for thy light is a-coming [EB], arr. Mrs. Willa A. Townsend
Rise up, shepherd [AACS], [ENS,i]
Rock-a my soul [SS]
Rock o' Jubilee [SS51]
Rock o' my soul in the bosom of Abraham [SB]
Rocks and the mountains, The [ANAD]
Roll on [WG]
Roll, Jordan,roll [CNS], [SS51]
Room enough [EB], ND1]
Round the corn, Sally [SS51]
Run, nigger, run [SS51]
Run to Jesus [WG]
Run to my Lord [JJ]
Sabbath hath no end [SS51]
Sail, o believer [SS51]
Sally round the corn [SS51]
Satan's camp a-fire [SS51]
See the four and twenty elders [AACS]
Shall I die [SS51]
Shine along [ND1]
Shine for Jesus [EB]
Ship is at de landin' [OM]
Shock along, John [SS51]
Shout on, children [SS51]
Show me de way [FNS]
Sinner man don't let this harvest pass [SB]
Sinner won't die no more [SS51]
Sin-sick soul, The [SS51]
Sit down, servant [EB]
Skip to my Lou [S&S]
Slave song (Time ain’t long) [EB]
Social band, The [SS51]
Some o' these days [MAG]
Some valiant soldier [SS51]
Somebody's knockin' at yo do' [FNS]
Somebody's knocking at your door ]ANAD], [ENS,i], [ND1]
Something within [EB], arr. Lucie E. Campbell
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child [GS], [SS], [WG]
Soon one mawnin' death come creepin' in yo' room [MAG]
Standing in need of prayer (It’s a-me, O Lord) [FNS], [GS], [WG]
Stars begin to fall [SS51]
Stay in the field [SB]
Steal away [EB], [EB16], [FNS], [ND1], [SS], [WG]
Steal away Jordan [FHu]
Steal away to Jesus [GS], [JJ], [SB]
Steal away to mah Fathuh's kingdom [MAG]
Study war no more [SB]
Surely He died on calvary [EB] arr. J.D. Bushell, D.D.
Sweetest sound I ever heard [ND1]
Swing low [AACS], [EB16]
Swing low, sweet chariot [CNS], [FNS], [GS], [JJ], [ND], [SB], [SS], [S&S], [WG]
Swing low, sweet chariot (Jubilee) [EB], arr. E.C. Deas
Tell 'em I'm gone [MAG]
Tell it [FNS]
Tell me brudder [FNS]
Take this Hammere [S&S]
Tell my Jesus "morning" [SS51]
That gettin' up morning'[AACS]
That lonesome valley [MAG]
There is a balm in Gilead [SS]
There is a light shining [EB], arr. Mrs. W.A. Townsend
There is joy in that land [EB]
There's a meeting here to-night [ND1], [SS51]
There's no hiding place [ANAD]
These are all my Father's ch'ldren [SS51]
They laid my Lord away [EB16]
They lead my Lord away [AACS]
This little light of mine [ANAD], [SB], [SS]
This train [SS]
Time ain't long (Slave song) [EB]
Time is drawin' nigh [MAG]
Tis me, O Lord [NFS,i]
Travel on [SS51]
Trouble of the world, The [SS51]
Trouble of the world, This is the [SS51]
Turn back Pharoah’s army [WG]
Turn sinner, turn O [SS51]
Voice of the prodigal [SB]
Wade in the water [ANAD]
Wade in the water [EB], arr. Willa A. Townsend
Wade in the water children [SB], [SS]
Wait, Mr. Mackright [SS51]
Wait til I put on my crown [CNS]
Wake up, Jacob [SS51]
Walk about elders [MAG]
Walk in Jerusalem [FNS]
Walk in Jerusalem (I want to be ready) [WG]
Walk in Jerusalem jus' like John [JJ]
Walk together, children [SS]
Walk with me [EB], arr. E. C. Deas
Want to go to Heaven when I die [FNS]
Way in the kingdom [MAG]
What kind of shoes? [WG]
We are climbing Jacob's ladder [SS]
We’ll anchor by and by [WG]
W'en I'm gone [BDW]
We shall walk through the valley [EB], arr. Dr. A.M. Townsend
Were you there? [BNS], [GS]
Were you there? [EB], arr. Willa A. Townsend
We will march through the valley [SS51]
Welcome to our city [BNS]
What a trying time [SS51]
What kind o' shoes you gwine to wea'? [FNS]
When death comes creeping in my room [SB]
When I die [MAG]
When I fall on my knees [FHu]
When I get home [EB16]
When I'm gone [MAG]
When Jesus comes [MAG]
When the Lord shall appear [EB], arr. Willa A. Townsend
When the saints go marching in [EB]
When they crucified my Lord [SB]
When we do meet again [SS51]
Where shall I go [JJ]
White marble stone [SS51]
Who built de ark? [FHu], [FNS]
Who is on the Lord's side [SS51]
Who's that a-comin' over yonder [ANAD]
Will the lighthouse shine on me? [EB], arr. Mrs. Willa A. Townsend
Winter, The [SS51]
Wish I was in heabum settin' down [MAG]
Witness for my Lord [JJ]
Witness for my Lord [EB], arr. Willa A. Townsend
Wrestle on, Jacob [SS51]
Wring my hands and cry [MAG]
Year of jubilee [SB]
Yo' sins are gonna find you out [MAG]
You bettah mind [JJ]
You better mind [SB]
You got to die [FNS]
You got to reap [AACS]
You hear the lambs [EB16]
You must be pure and holy [SS51]
You must have that true religion [EB]
Young witness for God [SB]
Zion's children [ENS,i]



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Richard L. Matteson Jr. said...

Some of the songs on your list are not spirituals. For example in Slave Songs the last 12 song or so are not spirituals.

The same is true for other idexes that sometimes list folk songs as spirituals