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Musical Stage Performers

(Photograph of Al/Mamie Anderson on the covers of sheet music.)


(Also, an entry on Albert Anderson is listed in Henry T. Sampson's "Blacks in Blackface" (Scarecrow, 1980)

.....Al Anderson now at rest. Final tribute to a most brilliant actor and gentleman.
When the final curtain rang down on Al Anderson, lat of the team of Anderson and Goines, the american stage lost one of th emost brilliant actors of two generations. As a man, he was especially distinguished morally and intellectually and his deportment as a gentleman has never been surpassed by any actor of his race.

Albert E. Anderson died at his home in Keokik, Ia, Tuue, Dec 8 of heart failure from a nervous breakdown. he was born in that city, Aug 25, 1869. He went on stage at the age of 15 with McFadden's Untom's Cabin. he had two brothers, Morris and York, with whom he doubled separately, but York Anderson was first to become famous as a quartet man and with Ben Payne and George Moore, the two brothers formed the Eclipse Quartet which became popular in the east. They joined "Martell's South Before the War" but when Al began to shine as a comedian, Sam T. Jack signed him with his creole company, the first colored company ever booked in burlesque houses. It was in this company that he fell in love with Mamie Riley, a most beautiful girl, and married her. He then proceeded to train his wife for vaudeville and after they had opened on the keith Circuit as the team of Al and Mamie Anderson, they immediately became famous. his former travels with minstrels shows led him to dress in clean tailor-made expensive, floppy clothes and he wore a little side cap on his head which made his beautfy and his smile always captivating. his chief riot in comedy in his vaudeville act was chasing his shadow around with the spotlight different from any ever seen of which he was the originator. Now, in the hight of his carer, when musical comedy was all the rage, following affter the pace of Bob Cole and Billy johnson, Williams and Walker, Ernest Hogan, Black Patti (Sissieretta Jones) and Bob A. Kelley about 1902, the Anderson's starred in a production entitled 'Lady Africa"

Al Anderson had then become so popular in Boston that he had a standing contract for a summer run of minstrelsy at Cresent Gardens, the elite summer resort at Winthrop. he would surname his show "Lady Africa's Minstrels" with an afterpiece "On Broadway in Dahomey" beautifully met. This was in 1904, when as the Freeman representative, I was on one occasion his special guest. In the company of Happy Billy Brigs, J. Hamilton Goines and Mr. Hazzard, "Christioan" the foot cyclist and rollere skater. Bobby Kem and his Wangdoodle Four which included Leslit Tripplet, Johnny Greene, Will Cooke and a Chorus. Soon after this date, Anderson's wife became tired and retired from the stage and later left her husband. Anderson and Billy Briggs joined hands but not for long. Anderson had not recovered from the separation from his wife, which broke his heart, the smile seen in the picture had faded and he never again wore the same smile. he next joined hands with J. Hamilton Goines, a fine singer and a fine quality man like himself and quietly toured the country on the big time for over twenty years until his break down in New York which ended in his death. (Pitts C, 1/16/26 p16 picture)

.....Al Anderson, of Anderson and Goines, whose death was announced last week, was sad tidings to his western friends. His stage history will be reviewed in the next issue. Pitts C, 1/2/26 (10)

.....Partner of AURORA GREELY of the Famous Eastern dancing team, Pitts C 8/10/29 (3/2)

.....Dancers of national repute who are being headlined at the Stanley Theater this week. The team sails on the Ile de France from New York on 12/6/29 and will open at the Pallidinn theatre, London for two weeks, upon their arrival. From there they will go to the Double Kit Kat Club in Berlin and then to Paris. Pitts C, 11/23/29 (3/2)

.....One of the dancing girls in Showboat", Amst News, 9/12/28, 6


.....Partner to Leroy Broomfield of the Famous Easter dancing team. Pitts C, 8/10/29 (3/2)

.....'Carmen Jones' adds triumph to Theatre. Afro, 1/1/44, p13

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